Economy Extra Series Flagpoles

Economy Extra Series Flagpoles – Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament • Cast aluminum revolving truck w/pulley, rope, snap hooks, snap covers & flash collar

Economy Extra Series Flagpoles starting at $1,850, call (303) 745-9035 for ordering options and more information.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Economy Extra Series Flagpoles

The Economy Extra Series Flagpoles is an aluminum ground-set, external halyard flagpole.  Flagpoles up to 35 ft. are shipped as one-piece poles. Sizes above 35 ft. are shipped in sections and fitted with a self-aligning sleeve which requires no field welding.

The standard flagpole finish is satin (least expensive), however we also offer clear, bronze and black anodized available at extra cost.

Our commercial poles ship by truck and our shipping calculator is not able to accurately calculate the cost. For more information about buying a commercial grade flagpole, please call 303-745-9035.

Made in the USA by Eder Mfg.

Additional information

Exposed Height / Butt Diameter / Wall Thickness

20' exposed height / 5" butt / .125 wall thickness, 25' exposed height / 5" butt / .125 wall thickness, 30' exposed height / 5" butt / .125 wall thickness, 35' exposed height / 6" butt / .156 wall thickness, 40' exposed height / 7" butt / .156 wall thickness, 50' exposed height / 8" butt / .188 wall thickness, 60' exposed height /10" butt / .188 wall thickness, 70' exposed height / 10" butt / .312 wall thickness


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