Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your products Made in the U.S.A.?
We purchase all of our United States flags from one of our many U.S.- based manufacturers. We purchase a vast majority of our other state, international, sports and other flags from these same manufacturers however there are certain item which are only available from an import company. We have a few suppliers which do import some products such as decorative flags, kites, novelty items, etc. There are also rare items for which there is very little demand, therefore our U.S. suppliers do not make these products. In such cases, we may purchase a small amount of these products.
How do you dispose of the U.S. flag properly?

When an American flag becomes worn, faded, torn or soiled, it should be retired and replaced with a new flag. There are several ways to respectfully dispose of the American flag without showing disgrace. The most common method is burning the torn or tattered flag in a special ceremony. Here are the steps you should follow…

The United States Flag Code outlines proper flag etiquette for everything from properly folding a flag to flying a flag correctly. It even describes in great detail how to retire an American flag respectfully.

The U.S. Flag code states that, “the flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.” Thus, when a flag is torn and tattered beyond repair, it’s time for it to be retired.

The Veterans Department of Affairs suggests starting by folding the flag in a customary triangle manner. Then prepare a large enough fire space to sufficiently burn the flag completely. Next place the flag in the fire and while it burns, individuals at the ceremony should salute or recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Finally, end the ceremony with a moment of silence and bury the ashes once the flag is completely consumed.

Many groups that hold annual or semi-annual flag retirement ceremonies often have their own unique traditions they also follow. But these are the minimum steps everyone should at least follow when they retire an American Flag.




What's the largest/most notable job you've done?

We have done so many memorable projects around the state, it’s hard to pick just one.  Here are a few of our favorites…

  1. The World Prayer Center / New Life Church – 54 flagpoles encircling the New Life Church in Colorado Springs
  2. Invesco Field (Sports Authority)/ Mile High Stadium- 4 flagpoles on the South Stands for the home of the Denver Broncos.
  3. NORAD- North American Aerospace Defense Command – flagpoles at the entrance the tunnels to the base of Cheyenne Mountain.
  4. Six 80′ flagpoles on Pena Blvd near Denver International Airport.
  5. Coors Field – Installed 4 flagpoles on the scoreboard (West end) of the stadium.
  6. 50,000 flags for the Pentagon – 9/11 memorial ceremony
  7. Custom flags for 2 companies that had their executives climb Mt. Everest.
  8. Flagpoles for Dick’s Sporting Goods Stadium in Commerce City
  9. Flagpoles for Infinity Park in Glendale
  10. Flagpoles for several military memorials including Parker, Castle Rock, Longmont and others.
What makes you stand apart from your competitors?

We have been in business since 1986. Gene Tomczak, our founder started the flag business in his home and we have kept the business in the family for more than 30 years. Our experience stems from the vast number of situations that we have placed flagpoles, which include home builders, apartments, sports stadiums, mountain peaks, 150′ cell towers/ flagpoles, musical venues and arenas, political backdrops as well as highly sensitive, high security clearance areas such as NORAD and the Denver Mint.

All of our employees are background checked, screened and monitored for infractions that could reflect poorly on our company. We strive to provide you with the best experience possible with the most professional employees.

Our product offering is second-to-none. While our competitors sell flags and poles, we go above and beyond. We sell decorative flags, spinners, kites, flag cases, apparel, custom tents and awnings, large format digital media and much more! If you are looking for something large or small, unique or every day common – we have it!

Return and Exchange Policy

Rocky Mountain Flag Company will accept, for return or exchange, all items the are in new condition, unused, and free of damages by the customer. For a full refund minus 20% restocking fee and original shipping costs mail the item/s within 30 days from original receipt of item/s.  Customer is responsible for return shipping and items must be in original packaging.

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