APEX Series Flagpole 100′ – Internal Winch with Reinforced Door Frame

APEX Series Flagpole 100′

Apex Series Flagpoles starting at $34,435, call (303) 745-9035 for ordering options and more information.

Flagpole information and specifications listed below.

APEX Series Flagpole 100' – Internal Winch with Reinforced Door Frame

The APEX Series from Concord American Flagpole offers 100 ft. flagpoles in a butt diameter of 12″. The raised reinforced door frame design combines the security of an Internal Halyard Winch and Wire Cable system with the reinforced strength necessary for moderate wind speed areas.

The advantages of our APEX 100 ft. Flagpole are substantial when compared to the Steel and competitor’s 16″+ Aluminum Butt Diameter options available in the market today.

• Aluminum is Lightweight, Lowering Installation Costs
– Lower Freight Costs
– No Welding Required

• Aluminum is Corrosion Resistant, Providing a Lower Overall Cost of Ownership
– Will Never Rust
– No Painting Required

• Lifetime Pole Shaft Warranty

Reinforced Raised
Door Frame

Tall 100 ft flagpole door

APEX Flagpoles are designed with a raised reinforced door frame consisting of a matched set of inner AND outer castings. The aluminum door is secured with two (2) tamper-proof 1/4-20NC screws.

Standard Specifications 

• Extra-Large Cast Aluminum Flying Eagle – 44” Wingspan

• Spun Aluminum Revolving Ball Truck with Dual SEALED Stainless Steel Bearing Assemblies, Stainless Steel Spindle, Cast Brass Exit Bushing and Removable Hood

• Complete Internal Halyard Assembly
– Wire Halyard Cable Assembly
– Heavy-Duty 20’ x 30’ Flag Arrangement
with Shock Spring Assembly
– Two (2) Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Swivel Flagsnaps
– Two (2) Neoprene Flagsnap Covers
– Patented, Plastic Coated Counterweight
– Heavy-Duty Beaded Retainer Ring Assembly

• Stainless Steel Winch Assembly
with Removable Hand Crank

• Reinforced Raised Door Frame

• Flush Mount Access Door with two (2) Tamper Proof Screws

• Cast Aluminum FC-11 Flash Collar

• Galvanized 16-Gauge Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve
with Steel Grounding Spike

Finish Options
Anodized – Clear
Anodized – Dark Bronze
Anodized – Black
Powder Coat – BronzeTone
Powder Coat – Black
Powder Coat – White
Powder Coat – Clear


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