Aluminum Ball Ornaments


Finial balls and eagles that fit on an outdoor flagpole.  Spun aluminum balls are constructed from heavy gauge aluminum with a flush seam.

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Aluminum Ball Ornaments

Aluminum ball ornaments and eagles fit on top of an outdoor flagpole.  Spun aluminum balls are constructed from heavy gauge aluminum with a flush seam. Gold leaf balls are constructed of copper with a solder-filled joint between upper and lower ball sections followed by hand-applied 23k gold leaf. The attachment rod on each is threaded 1/2″ – 13NC as standard but is also available as 5/8″ – 11C upon request.  A jamb nut is provided for use in firmly securing the ball to the truck assembly.  A small kit of epoxy is available and is recommended for additional bonding.

Ball ornaments and eagles are purely ornamental.  They do not serve any purpose other than decorative and they do not contain any mythical items such as matches, razor blades, bullets or pennies.

Rocky Mountain Flag Company offers a complete line of flagpole ornaments, flagpole lights and flag pole accessories. We sell flagpole ornaments such as eagles, ball tops, spears and replacement components. We also offer a variety of flagpole lights and lighting, including easy to install solar flag pole lights. We offer flagpole ornaments, flagpole lights and flag pole accessories made to the highest quality standards.

If you are unsure of which size flagpole ornament give us a call on (303) 745-9035 and our in-house experts are at the ready to assist you.

Our range includes flag pole toppers made of fiberglass, aluminum, plastic and vinyl for smaller flagpoles and outrigger flagpoles. We have flagpole ornaments classics like the perched or flying eagle with wings outstretched which is ideal for traditional patriotic displays or the commonly used ball top that  gives the flag display a professional and smooth look. We also carry flag pole toppers in the shape of acorns which look similar to a ball top but provide more character. Our disk like flag pole topper is probably one of the most unique flag pole toppers and is constructed of fiber glass.

Both fiberglass and anodized aluminum flagpole toppers are perfect for use in long term outdoor conditions. These ornaments do not rust under any conditions and are extremely resistant to impact. The anodizing of the aluminum flagpole ornament also prevents it from pitting and causing gashes in the flag you are flying.

If you’re looking to buy a replacement flagpole topper these ornaments are exactly what you need. Our entire collection of outdoor flagpole ornaments are designed to fit any standard outdoor pole truck so you can rest assured that we can find you a perfect fit.

Manufacturer: Eder Flag or Concord Industries

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Gold, Clear Anodized, Satin, Bronze #313, Black, White


2", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"


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