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There are a variety of options to consider when choosing a flagpole. I will cover the main points which will help us to narrow down the choices that you have.
  • Height: (How tall do you want the pole?) What is the jurisdiction that governs your area (city, HOA, etc.) If you provide us the basic information for the location of the pole, we can do the research and tell you what is allowed.
  • Style: External or Internal Halyard? An external halyard pole has the rope on the outside of the pole and is tied off to a cleat. An internal halyard has the rope (or cable) on the inside of the pole and is secured behind a locking door. A Deluxe-IH pole has a winch handle and stainless steel cable to raise and lower the flag. (There are pros and cons to each pole style, but the main difference is cost).
  • Color/Finish: Choose from Satin (silver brushed aluminum), Clear/Natural Anodized, Bronze or Black Anodized, or custom painted.
  • Butt Diameter/Wall Thickness: These factors give a pole it’s wind speed strength rating. We recommend 90+ mph (or greater) for the Denver area and 120+ for areas along the foothills and areas that require greater wind speed ratings.
  • Flags: What size, quantity and material will you require? This can help us to determine an appropriatre size pole and wind speed rating.
  • Construction: Our flagpoles are generally made from aluminum, but we can offer poles in fiberglass (20’ – 50’) or steel (80’ and above).

Note: Internal halyard/internal cable poles work best when placed near residential areas because they minimize the noise that an external halyard pole can make in windy areas (especially at night).


Black Anodized

Clear Anodized

Dark Bronze Anodized