Thin Red Line Embroidered Flag


Thin Red Line Embroidered Flag 3'x5'

Thin Red Line Embroidered Flag- Sewn Stripes & Embroidered Stars

  • Sewn stripes and embroidered stars for added strength
  • Brass Grommets for secure hanging
  • Reinforced fly hem with 4 rows of stitching
  • Made from DuraSleek™ Nylon

The Thin Red Line represents the firefighters that risk their lives to protect our communities from. It represents those men and women that have fallen in the line of duty and those that are still holding the line. This flag is made from DuraSleek™ Nylon and is great for flying on a pole outdoors. The strong Durasleek™ Nylon will hold up through sun, storms, and all types of weather.

Note: This flag is guaranteed for one-year of outdoor use and weather exposure, but is not rated for highway speed driving.

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2 ft x 3 ft, 3 ft x 5 ft.


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