Tantrum 250


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Tantrum 250

How strong is the wind? Better hang on. Designed specifically for dual-line bar control. Tantrum parafoils are speedy, rugged, and a blast to fly… and you’ll be digging your heels in as the breeze comes up.

Perfect trainers for traction kiting, kiteboarding, or all-around fun, they’ll give you solid kite handling skills with a control bar before you take on the serious pull of a full-sized water or traction kite. In stronger winds, the Tantrum’s low-drag airfoil delivers impressive speed and more than enough power to drag you down the beach with an adrenaline-stoked grin.

The Tantrum 220 is smaller than the 250, making it speedier with less pull. It’s perfect for smaller pilots or stronger winds.

The bigger Tantrum 250 pulls harder with a little less speed. It’s great for heavier pilots and flies more easily in lighter winds. It also turns a little slower, giving you more time to react and fly precisely.

Be sure to use the included safety leash: If things get too wild just let go of the bar. The kite will depower and settle safely to the ground while still tethered to your wrist.

Both sizes deliver solid pull in moderate to strong winds but still fly easily in light to moderate winds. They come ready to fly with Dyneema lines pre-attached, control bar with safety leash, travel bag and Instructions. Just unfold the sail, unwind the lines and get ready to hang on!

Wind Range
4-25 mph (6.5-40 kph)
Wing Span
100 in
Sail Area
18.9 sq ft (1.76 sq m)
Included Flying Lines
85' x 300 lbs Dyneema® (26 m x 136 kg)

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions25 × 5 × 2 in


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