Sinewave Kite (Ultraviolet)


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Sinewave Kite (Ultraviolet)

While most single-line kites are designed to sit still as they ride the breeze, we gave our newest parafoil a bit more personality! The all-new Sinewave wiggles back and forth with its long undulating tail rippling out behind it. It’s an eye-catching new design that’s a cinch to fly and practically indestructible.

The Sinewave’s all-fabric construction means there are no parts to lose or break and setup is a cinch - just clip the line to the simple two-point bridle and you’re ready to launch. Use the handy waist pouch to hold essentials like wallet and keys while you fly, and when you’re done just stuff it away and you’re ready to hit the road. Flying a kite doesn’t get any easier!

The Sinewave loves a breezy day and it’ll fly happily in winds from 8-25+mph, perfect for those windy days when you don’t want to risk breaking a framed kite. If the wind gets light, unclip the tail to reduce drag and it’ll fly in even less wind!

Includes a handy storage bag that doubles as a waist pouch, winder with flying line, and matching 20’ detachable tail.

Wind Range
8-25 mph (13-40 kph)
Wing Span
33 in
Assembled Size
33 x 27 in
Included Flying Line
200' x 50 lbs Polyester (61 m x 22.5 kg)
Includes removable tail, compatible with add-on ribbon tails and 20' tube tails.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 6 × 2 in


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