Pirate Skeleton Kite


Plenty of bones about it – spectacular, head-turning and available in two sizes, the Skeleton kite is one of the most stunning aerial wonders Premier has made to date. Designed by master kite designer Daryl Yeh, this “full body” kite is easy to fly in winds from 6 to 17 mph. But when you get them in a breezy sweet spot of about 7 to 8 mph, their hips sway in the sky in a delightful dance!
Size (w x h): 13 ft. x 35 in.
Wind Range: 6 -14 mph
Fabric: Polyester
Frame: Fiberglass
Packaging: Composite bag with header
Line: 300 ft. of 30 lb. test on D handle

Premier Dancing Kites are a huge hit on the dance floor of the sky! With a few tugs on the line you’ll have them movin’ and groovin’ on Cloud Nine.

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Pirate Skeleton Kite

Premier Dancing Kites are a huge hit on the dance floor of the sky! With a few tugs on the line you'll have this Pirate Skeleton Kite movin' and groovin' on Cloud Nine. In winds of around 7 to 12 mph these kites will naturally rumba on their own.  For some spooky-time boogie action, try one of our several Skeleton Dancing Kites or, if your heart begs for the South Pacific, shake it down with the 13 ft. Hula Girl Kite!
The 31 ft. Black Skeleton Kite is equipped with Premier's exclusive Reflecto-Blast fabric for nighttime fun! Just aim an ordinary flashlight at the kite and watch it glow.


Kite Wind Range: 6 ~ 14 mph
Kite Fabric: Ripstop Polyester
Kite Frame: Fiberglass
Line Included: Not Included (purchase line here)
Kite Type: Dancing Kite
Size 13' - 31 ft.
Line: 250 lb. Test Line Recommended
Packaging: Fabric case with color header

Additional information

Dimensions36 × 4 × 4 in

13' Pirate Skeleton Kite, 21' Pirate Skeleton Kite, 31' Pirate Skeleton Kite


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