Maine State Flag


Maine State Flag –  State flags are made from 100% SolarMax nylon. This material, developed especially for the flag industry, is engineered to resist damage from the sun’s UV rays.


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Maine State Flag

• Made of 2-ply 100% polyester bunting.
• Open weave construction reduces
wind resistance, increasing flag life.
• Extremely durable.
• Finished with white header and brass
• Ideal for commercial applications
and high wind areas.


• Made of 100% heavyweight,
200-denier nylon bunting.
• Aniline-dyed for brilliant, fast colors.
• Treated to resist fading.
• Fast drying.
• State, Territory and World flags
constructed to precise specifications.
• Finished with white header and brass
• Flies in the slightest breeze

Flag of Maine

The state flag of Maine was adopted in 1909. It displays Maine's coat-of-arms on a field of blue (the same shade of blue as the USA's star spangled banner). Above the coat of arms shines the North star* and Maine's motto: "Dirigo" (I Lead, or I Direct), below is the word MAINE in capital letters.

Maine's official state seal also displays the state's coat of arms. The farmer is a symbol of pride in Maine's agricultural roots. The sailor represents Maine's strong ties to the sea. Symbols of the natural richness of the state are pictured on the center shield - a pine tree, a moose (Maine's official state animal), sea, and sky.


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4"x6", 8"x12", 12"x18", 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', 5'x8', 6'x10', 8'x12', 10'x15', 12'x18'


E-Poly, Nylon, Poly-Max


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