Jolly Roger Outdoor Flags


Jolly Roger Outdoor Flags – with canvas header and brass grommets.

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Jolly Roger Outdoor Flags

Jolly Roger is the traditional English name for the flags flown to identify a pirate ship about to attack during the early 18th century (i.e. the later part of the "Golden Age of Piracy").

The Origin of. the "Jolly Roger" The most recognizable symbol today of pirates is the white skull and crossbones emblem on black, usually referred to as the "Jolly Roger." However, throughout the 17th century and well into the 18th century, the common symbol hoisted by a pirate ship was a simple red flag.

Pirate lore is a popular topic among many today, with romanticized tales involving adventure on the high seas, camaraderie, and treasure hunting. However, centuries ago, pirates were very real criminals, one of the first examples of organized crime. Traveling by sea, pirates would attack and plunder, killing with disregard.

There are many objects of piracy that are used as symbols of the practice today – walking the plank, a wooden leg, an eye patch, a hook for a hand, and a single gold hoop earring. However, the most commonly recognized symbol of piracy throughout the years has been the black flag, with the skull and crossbones design – the Jolly Roger. As a symbol, the Jolly Roger was flown on pirate ships to convey a message to their targets. It was meant to instill fear and to demonstrate that those onboard were of great power.




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12"x18" E-Poly, 12"x18" Nylon, 2'x'3' Nylon, 3'x5' E-Poly, 3'x5' Nylon, 4'x6' Nylon, 5'x8' Nylon


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