CSA Seal Battle Flag

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3×5′ CSA Seal Battle Flag.  Made of 100% 1-ply polyester with canvas header and brass grommets.  Imported from China.

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CSA Seal Battle Flag

This flag shows the Confederate Battle Flag on the right, with the Confederate Seal on the left. The confederacy adopted its own seal, an emblem of a sovereign nation. A national seal usually has symbols that commemorate an important event or identify an outstanding quality of the nation. On this seal George Washington is represented on horseback, surrounded by a wreath composed of the principal agricultural products of the Confederacy (wheat, corn, rice, tobacco, cotton and sugar cane). Around its margin are the words: ‘Confederate States of America, 22d February, 1862,’ and the motto, ‘Deo vindice.’ The motto, Deo vindice, has been variously translated, often as “Under God our Defender.” Vindice is difficult to translate in one word. Thomas J. Semmes, Confederate Senator from Louisiana, served on the committee that proposed the seal. He spoke these words on the subject of the motto and the meaning of vindice: “No word appeared more grand, more expressive or significant than this. Under God as the asserter of our rights, the defender of our liberties, our protector against danger, our mediator, our ruler and guardian, and, as the avenger of our wrongs and the punisher of our crimes, we endeavor to equal or even excel our ancestors.”


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