Australia Pink Flag


Australia Australia Pink Flag.  In June 2004 LGBT activists sailed to Australia’s uninhabited Coral Sea Islands Territory and raised the rainbow flag, proclaiming the territory independent of Australia

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Australia Pink Flag

In June 2004 LGBT activists sailed to Australia’s uninhabited Coral Sea Islands Territory and raised the Australia Rainbow Pride Flag, proclaiming the territory independent of Australia, calling it the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands in protest to the Australian government’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages.

My wife, who assisted with the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras parade told me that many people in the crowd and parade itself were waving a white and pink version of the Autralian national flag (pink replacing the blue and red).
Marc Pasquin, 4 March 2007

Yesterday, the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival in Sydney was held. Many participants and onlookers were waving Australian ‘gay pride’ flags, which were essentially normal Australian national flags with the blue replaced with a mid-shade of pink. As you can see, it is aesthetically fairly pleasing.
Sander Manders, 3 March 2007

Yesterday, I passed a group of motorcycle riders preparing for this year’s parade outside the Sydney Cricket Ground. The route where they were assembling was festooned with these pink flags, but the bikes were each decorated with one of these and a rainbow flag together.
Jonathan Dixon, 2 March 2008

  Alternate flags are listed here.

For more reference to the Pride community and the LGBTQ flags associated with them, please click here.



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