Andorra Flag (No Seal)

The Andorra flag incorporated the three red bars on yellow that constitute the arms of the count. The yellow shield with four red bars of Catalonia, Spain, and the two red cows of Béarn, France, complete the design.

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Andorra Flag (No Seal)

The Andorra Flag is said to date from 1866, but the first legal authority for it is unknown. Early versions often had horizontal instead of vertical stripes, and private citizens usually flew the flag without the coat of arms in the center. The design was standardized in July 1993 at the time Andorra joined the United Nations. The flags of Andorra’s neighbors, France and Spain, cannot be ignored as possible influences for the three flag colors. The Spanish flag has horizontal stripes of red-yellow-red, while the French Tricolor has blue-white-red vertical stripes. According to the constitution of 1993, the Spanish bishop of Urgel and the president of France remain the co-princes and heads of state of Andorra, although their roles are now largely ceremonial.

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