40 in. Box Kite – Circus


40 in. Box Kite – Circus Traditional – Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line. Yes, box kites really do fly!

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40 in. Box Kite – Circus – Premier Kites & Designs

Size (W X L): 20 x 40 in. / 50 x 102 cm.
Wind Range: 7 ~ 20 mph
Fabric: Nylon
Frame: Hardwood Dowels and Fiberglass

Line: Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line & Winder

True classics never go out of style and few designs have withstood the test of time like traditional Box and Cellular kites. For simplicity and elegance, nothing beats them! Premier offers a wide variety of classic box and cellular kites that are rock-solid flyers, especially in higher winds.

Simple and elegant in design, Six Wing Box Kites are excellent high wind fliers and look great from any angle due to their 3-D shape.


Line: Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line

Box Kite Assembly Instructions

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions48 × 4 × 4 in


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