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36 in. Box Kite – Circus


36 in. Box Kite – Circus Traditional – Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line. Yes, box kites really do fly!

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Simple and elegant in design, Six Wing Box Kites are excellent high wind fliers and look great from any angle due to their 3-D shape.

A box kite is a high performance kite, noted for developing relatively high lift; it is a type within the family of cellular kites. The typical design has four parallel struts. The box is made rigid with diagonal crossed struts. There are two sails, or ribbons, whose width is about a quarter of the length of the box. The ribbons wrap around the ends of the box, leaving the ends and middle of the kite open. In flight, one strut is the bottom, and the bridle is tied between the top and bottom of this strut. The dihedrals of the sails help stability.

The box kite was invented in 1893 by Lawrence Hargrave, an Englishman who emigrated to Australia, as part of his attempt to develop a manned flying machine. Hargrave linked several of his box kites together, creating sufficient lift for him to fly some 16 ft. (4.9 m) off the ground.  A winged development of this kite is known as the Cody kite following its development by Samuel Franklin Cody. Military uses also involved a kite/radio transmitter combination issued to pilots during World War II for use in life rafts.


Size (W X L): 15 x 36 in. / 38 x 91 cm.
Wind Range: 7 ~ 20 mph
Fabric: Nylon
Frame: Hardwood Dowels and Fiberglass
Line: Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line & Winder

Line: Includes 300 ft. 50 lb. Test Line

Box Kite Assembly Instructions

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions36 × 4 × 4 in


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