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16 ft. Tunnel Delta – Blue Green


16 ft. Tunnel Delta – Blue Green

Available on backorder

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16 ft. Tunnel Delta - Blue Green

The 16 foot Tunnel Delta is a large easy to fly kite that excels in light wind performance. This unique delta features Excel tubular carbon longerons and leading edges -- the stiffest and lightest material used in high end kite construction. The premium cross strut is a strong epoxy filament wound FL505 fiberglass tube from Glasforms Composites.

An excellent lifter or pilot kite, the Tunnel Delta is capable of hauling up plenty of line laundry. When things get light on the field, you'll be the only one in the sky with this big graceful kite!

Size: 80 in. x 187 in. wide
Wind Range: 4 - 15 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Polyester
Frame: Excel carbon tubes
Line: Recommended line: 250lb test

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