Flagpole Parts & Accessories

Flagpoles come in many size, shapes and styles.  They are made of aluminum, fiberglass, steel and sometimes wood.  Flagpoles have two basic styles – external halyard and internal halyard (cable or rope).  There are many flagpole parts and accessories to choose from: Eagles, ball ornaments, truck assemblies, solar lights, hard-wired lighting, rope, cable, winch systems, winch handles, cleat, flash collars, snap hooks, retainer rings, counterweights, locks, cleat covers and halyard channels and much more!

Not all flagpoles are the same.  There are about 6 major flagpole manufacturers in the United States – each one has different components but most are interchangeable and rather standard.  There are a few unique (proprietary) components, so it’s important to have a dealer that knows the differences.